Military Fiction Books – Changing the Way You Think About Military

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Military fiction books give you a different perspective on military service. They can take you to a military base in Afghanistan, an air force base in the US, or a navy ship off the coast of Somalia. You’ll watch battles from the ground and space. You’ll see military families coping with deployments and reintegrating into civilian life when they return home.
Military fiction novels are not intended to be true-to-life portrayals of military life; it’s more like reading about what might happen if your job was fighting wars all day long. But don’t underestimate these stories — their power is often subtle but irresistible. The best military novels will put you inside someone else’s skin for a while and show how that person sees the world.
Military fiction books are not just for military members. You don’t have to be military yourself or even interested in military life to appreciate military fiction. It’s about the people, not the job. Whether you read military novels as escapist entertainment or insight into other people’s lives, military fiction will change your point of view about what it means to be military. Military fiction books are made for anyone who wants to learn more about military life. Whether you are military, military family members, or civilian interested in military stories and novels, there is a military novel out there for you.

Military fiction books are a genre of military literature that deals with military life and military culture, both historical and contemporary. The stories may be realistic or fantastical. They often include military themes such as the call to duty, honor, courage under fire, sacrifice and heroism in battle, and warfare itself. If you seek some of the best non fiction military books then consult Running with Rollie for more information and options.

Military fiction can also refer to works about guerrilla fighters or resistance movements that have no connection with real military activity but use the same storytelling style either for their political ends or simply because they find it more entertaining than other genres of writing about war.
There is also a subgenre called space opera which features interstellar battles between good and evil empires where laser guns are still used instead of blasters or phasers.