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The cure to all your worries is just a wag and lick away. They said it right; a dog’s love is absolute, no demands, no restrictions, and no favor-returning. An uplifting tale and a narration of a lifelong bond, Running with Rollie articulate the experiences of a soldier and his pet golden retriever.

The book hints at the unforgettable experience of getting your first pet dog and elaborates on the moving journey of life together. Running, jogging, and playing together, deployment brings in the period of sesparation. Waiting for his return, Rollie would wander the grounds and puddles to find her owner.

The illustration clearly depicts the emotions and experiences of the two of them. Accredited to the mastery of Meredith Johnson, she perfectly captures the personality, challenges, and delights of both the soldier and golden retriever.
Grab your copy and get on the life-changing journey of Jeffrey Bradley and Rollie!

Meridith Johnson

A creation of Jeff’s observation of soldiers return and his activities with Rollie. Rollie was adopted from a shelter house, and since then, Jeff and Rollie have been inseparable.

Living with a family of Jeff and his wife Emily, Rollie is his forever partner in daily morning jog and walk.
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