Summary of the Book

Running with Rollie: A Simple Story About a Dog and a Soldier…The Rescuer and The Rescued by Jeffrey Bradley

Summary of the Book:

Rollie, a real-life Golden Retriever, inspired West Point graduate Jeffrey Bradley to write “Running with Rollie” based on their experiences and first hand observations of Solider’s returning from war. Jeff picked Rollie up at the animal shelter, in Rolla, Missouri after returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. The pair started running together during statewide stints in Missouri and Kansas. When Jeff deployed to Korea, Rollie patiently waited for his return. Once he did the two best friends did everything together, from running to kayaking to hiking. Their twosome grew by one when Jeff married his wife, Emily. The three of them live in Southern New Hampshire where Rollie and Jeff can be found jogging or walking the trail network around their house. Even though both of their pace has slowed, they still go side-by-side.

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